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The 200 TDI was first deigned for the Discovery 1 in 1989. It was one of the very first direct injection turbo engines on the market designed for passenger vehicles.

This engine was definitely a big step forward but it had some shortcomings.

Though factory 200 TDI’s are fairly reliable overall, they do have a few issues related to their bi-metal construction. In an attempt to reduce operating noise in these motors, the block and heads are cast from different materials. The block is steel and the heads are aluminum. While this did achieve the desired goal, it did cause a problem. Due to the different expansion and contraction rates of the two materials, head bolts would stretch and slowly wear out the head gaskets. Luckily, these gaskets would last at least 200,000km at which time, the cylinder heads often need new valve guides and a seat job. As a result, we rarely need to run head studs to improve the life of the gasket.

When we rebuild these motors we return them to factory spec. We test and weld all the heads, replace all the valve guides, valves and springs.  We sleeve the blocks, if needed. We never run more then 1/20 thousandth over piston and try, whenever possible, to use non-ground crankshafts with an allowance of never more then 1/one thousands under grind since diesel cranks need to be as thick as possible. All other wear components are replaced with OEM parts. We build engines to last!

Rebuilds run from $4000-$10,500 depending on scope of work. Whether the fuel system needs to be replace would be the largest factor in price variation.

The 200 TDI had some issue that were corrected with the design and technology of the 300 TDI engine of 1993. Just as we have the right solutions for the 200 TDI, we can handle practically any problem you may have with a 300 TDI.

If you are looking to refurbish your 200 or 300 TDI motor, we hope you will trust us will your rebuild.

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