Custom Pipe Work

Custom pipe work and exhausts are one of our specialties. Stainless steel pipe work, from intakes to exhaust systems, coolant pipes or other custom components, whatever your needs, we’ve got you covered! This service is available for all makes and models, not just the Land Rover line.

Access to a CNC plasma table and our skill in Tig welding, means there is no job we can’t handle. We have worked on track cars, brand new pickup trucks, off road vehicles, tractors and even construction equipment.

We work mostly with Vibrant performance mandrel pipe, bends and mufflers. We use only the best 304 stainless steel as base material. All welds are made with high quality 308 stainless filler rod using an internally shielded Tig process. Our welds are warrantied for a life of your vehicle, so your new exhaust system will probably outlast the rest of our vehicle!

Whatever your exhaust needs, let us work with you to formulate a solution to meet your requirement. We can build to meet any sound, performance and quality you are looking for.

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Supplying Canada with parts and service for imported and classic land rovers.