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The Td5 was a response to the need to meet and exceed ever more strict emissions requirements in the mid 90s.  These engines where a big step foward on the market with 5  cylinders, Cross flow heads and electronic unit injection things never seen before on passenger vehicles.

The earily engines where prone to some issues althoguht much more refied then the previus 300 tdi motor.  They are prone to new issues head shuffle where the head actually started moving around ontop of the block do to faulty and poor quality alignment  pins and a complete failure of the oil pump do to bolt coming loose often refereed to as the million doller oil bolt.    some blocks where often prone to cracking causing cooler pressurization and coolant loose.  Althought there is no fix for this issue it is defiantly something that should not be overlooked in any head gasket repair.  Proper testing of the head should always be preformed.

We rebuild and ship these engine globaly to customer wanting the best quality engines.  We can ship them ready for a turn with delipped pistons, cermaic coated heads and pistons what ever is needed for your application we can provide!  looking foward to hearing from you soon.  Contact us at on the Contact page!


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