Disco 1 New 4.0




This is another  pretty straight forward  job and one we have done many time.  This disco 1 was leaking a huge amount of oil and it was very hard to tell were it was coming from.  Knowing the rear main main seal needed to be done anyway we thought the best way to go about it would be to pull the engine to have a good look at everything.  With the engine out we could quickly tell we had a problem.  The Old style steel valley gasket had rusted through allowing oil to leak out and letting water and dirt in.  At that point we knew it needed complete disassembly inspection and cleaning.  At this we had the go ahead and special instructions on how the engine had to look and a few features for added performance.

When we had the engine open we could see a lot of water damaged cam was rusty all the lifters crank was rusty and needed to be machine.   This engine also had alot of bearing wear and alot of dirt going thought the oil system.


Engine before the rebuild


Engine after the rebuild.  We installed a upgraded Crower cam for some extra power to help pull work trailers for this customer. We were also asked to take care of upgrading the exhaust to a 3 inch with a less restrictive muffler.




3 inch Pipe with side exit.


Here is the final product with a flawless test drive and break in run.

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