Discovery 1 Repair

In this build we take a Discovery 1 in need of some TLC and get everything done well beyond factory spec! First job get the head gaskets done and the heads rebuilt! NO problem knocked that out of the way quickly and properly! We also replaced the plug wires and plugs as well as the thermostat.

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Second job was to put a new set of brakes on it we went with Drilled and slotted rotors Front and rear. We also put a set of spaces on to give a slightly wider stance at the customers request.


Next we addressed the Air Condition that was no longer working. We Checked for leaks and found non we then  ran a vacuum pump to remove all traces of moisture. We then pumped in new refrigerant and sealant. We then traced down a few electrical issues bad relay and a few bad wires and switches we replaced them and air conditioning was once again blowing cold!


Next job was to replaced the old cracked rotor flex rear joint with a far better and stronger rear U joint. To do This i needed to build a custom shaft and replace the rear output flange.

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This truck had ABS issues the Owner said he can’t remember the last time it had worked so we broke out the auto logic and volt meter and when’t to work we found 3 dead sensors and 6 wires that needed replacing from the sensors to the ABS computer under the dash. We ran the wires in protective cases all the way up and repined the connector. Problem solved and road tested!


One of the last requests we had was to fit it with a new roof rack with walking platform, Rewire the roof lights and replaced the battery we decided to go with a Northstar Battery a Battery i have tested before and has proven to be by far the best on the market!

Last thing to do was load up the disco and drive it down to its happy owner in Toronto.


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