LT230 Custom Build

For this Lt230 build we changed it up a bit and when’t for a super heavy duty build. We Removed the weak Prone to failure spider gears from the equation for 2 reasons. we wanted a tight box with no lash and we also wanted to have a stronger box able to handle the 300 foot pound of torque going thought it from our custom built 4.6.

We welded the output gears directly to the carrier and installed the highest gearing possible 1.003:1 This should make 130KMPH on the highway a dream. How are we going to be able to use a locked box all the time. well simple we will be installing locking front hubs so we can disengage the front axle when we aren’t on slippery surfaces. Yes this is not the norm but for this type of build its perfect and it will fit this 1995 long wheel base soft dash RRC perfectly!

contact us for any custom box you may need!

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