Shop Trucks Rip It Up!

The Diesel Rover shop trucks:

1991 Defender 110 6.5 GM diesel. This Truck had a ton of power. Body work wise shes in need of some love that is because we work her hard finding the week points of defenders. Currently this truck has brought to attention how to make the Strongest available transfercase, half shafts, differentials, and Drive shafts. It also had us design a hydro boost braking system to bring its massive 6.5 diesel to a stop putting out 350 Hp and 600 foot pounds of torque. We have worked on the suspension trying out different options it is currently testing a Front 3 link kit that will be available shortly!



The second truck showcases our Disco 2
I know its not the defender but its one solid truck the disco 2 is very well build and a very comfortable truck.
our shop truck is running our in house built 4.0 liter nothing special but this engine will last for ever! The truck is running 33 inch tires with a 2 inch lift. We have been keeping this truck going with very little maintenance. This truck will keep up with even the biggest off roaders, but it will do it in comfort and style!


kijiji 3


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